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Running behind, again

Ooops - the last few weeks have slowed me down severely. First I had to leave town to head back to N.C. to deal with a family emergency - I managed to knock out a few words while I was there, but who knows how insane those will read. Then after two days at home, my kids, husband and I, packed up and headed out west to Reno to visit my husband's sister. It was a super great family trip and I didn't touch my computer once. I managed to draw a bit, but that's about it.

Now that I'm back home, I've been playing catch-up with all of the homemaker tasks like laundry, grocery shopping, etc., and I had to sterilize the house as best I could since our pet sitter texted as we were heading home to let us know she'd just been diagnosed with Flu-B. Fun fun.

This afternoon, finally at my desk, I spent an hour ordering black Friday deals for the kids and figuring out our family finances for the next month. So many distractions!!

There are only five days left this month so I know there's no way I will hit my goal of 100k words for National Novel Writing Month, but I'll hit maybe 80 (I'm at over 20k right now on the second manuscript), which is good enough. I've finished one manuscript and will have a second nearly done, and that's more than I've done in years, so I'm feeling pretty pumped.

My book 'Good Moms Have Bad Days' is currently being edited, and since the cover is done, once I receive the edited manuscript I'll start making my game plan for releasing the book. I would have loved to have it published traditionally for marketing purposes, but hopefully there will be enough support around the topic of postpartum mood disorders to get it in the hands of the women and families that need it most.

Anyway, as always, I'm a bit scattered, but that's why I've been so absent on social media! So keep following and stay tuned for updates, which will hopefully be more frequent!

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